Although the Outer Banks has seen enormous growth over recent years, there are still lots, existing homes, and rental properties available from Carova to Nags Head. In general, real estate is a stable investment, and Outer Banks real estate has proven to have a higher rate of return than average.

The Outer Banks’ economy is unique. Although the area relies on the tourism industry to support our local economy, we maintain a certain degree of protection from slow economic times. Many people view the Outer Banks as an affordable, accessible vacation destination, and an alternative to more costly family trips. Easily accessible by improved highway roads, most feeder markets such as Richmond, Hampton Roads, Northern Virginia, Raleigh and Eastern, North Carolina readily supply weekenders and shoulder season renters (April-June and September-October).

As a result of international acclaim and promotion, our local economy continues to grow. Rentals have increased over previous years, and retail and restaurant sales are showing record earnings. Real Estate on the Outer Banks is a rewarding investment that continues to outperform stocks, bonds and other traditional investments.


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